Learning Intervention

At St Francis Xavier we closely monitor progress, and staff work collaboratively to ensure all children are experiencing success. We provide supplementary support in literacy and numeracy for students as required.

Teachers work in collaboration to identify students experiencing difficulties in the areas of literacy or numeracy. Once identified, we carry out further assessments that highlight specific needs, and help us to decide which intervention would best support the student. Sometimes the intervention may be classroom based, where a teacher or LSO (Learning Support Officer) runs programs for individuals or small groups within the classroom, for short periods of time. However, some students benefit from more intense intervention, where they are withdrawn from the class on a regular basis. In these cases, our aim is to quickly build up the learners’ knowledge, confidence and skills, in order for them to experience success in the classroom. 

Our intervention programs are selected because they are research based and have proven to be successful. Our leadership team regularly liaises with external support and school networks to stay up to date with current intervention methods and programs that are available to schools. Staff receive training and are mentored by leaders to provide high quality intervention to accelerate learning.

We are fortunate to have several staff who are trained in delivering specific interventions, which means we can select the right intervention to support the needs of the student. Currently, we are supporting students through the Learning Framework in Numeracy (Maths), Macqlit (Phonics) and Levelled Literacy Intervention (Reading).